Dominique Teufen

'City Maintenance'

Project in Amsterdam, NL (2008)
Various materials

Everyday I read in the news that our world starts to fall apart on all corners and levels of human behaviour and inventions. So I thought that I could help it by repairing my surrounding with tape, thread, needles and glue. Some of this works are a combination of real interactions in the City and manipulated inkjet prints which are then re-photographed.

060201city (556K) Repaired hole, pins and thread on inkjet print, Amsterdam, NL (2008)

060202city (488K) Repaired street tiles, thread on inkjet print, Amsterdam,NL (2008)

060203city (472K) Repaired decayed flowers, pencil on paper, Amsterdam, NL (2008)

060204city (508K) Repaired plant, thread on inkjet print, Amsterdam, NL (2008)

060205city (492K) Repaired gap, metal wire on ink jet print Amsterdam (2008)

060206city (508K)

060207city (512K) Repaired joint container, glue, Amsterdam. NL (2008)

060208city (404K) Repaired broken glass bottle, glue, Amsterdam, NL (2008)

060209city (456K) Repaired poster, acryl, Amsterdam, NL (2008)