Dominique Teufen

"Sterne? Kopierter Staub._meine Weltreise auf meiner Kopiermaschine"
“Stars? Copied dust”_my travel through the world on my copy machine"
Photography project 2013-2018

Who doesn’t know them? These fantastic pictures of a journey through distant lands; the snow-covered expanses of Antarctica, the picturesque hills of China, for example, or the rugged fjords of Norway. Everyone has seen them before, they seem familiar to us, they arouse a longing in us, but most of us have never actually been there. Based on these beautiful landscape pictures from photo books and magazines, my travel trough the world with my copy machine is created and photographed between 2013-2018 in my studio. The illusion seems perfect; the mental journey into a believed reality has begun. Our suggestive perception draws pictures of picturesque landscapes, which in reality are all products of a commercially available copy machine. The imposing mountain range turns out to be a trivial thin silk paper piece, the idyllic beach a thin plastic bag and the impressive glacier as a mere queuing of cotton balls.

Exhibtion: Selection/Auswahl Photoforum Pasquart Biel Dezember 2015
Photographes specifications: Hahnemühle baryt on Aluminium, grey wooden frame, UV protective glass

Starting with crumpled paper, deformed plastic, Plexiglas and foils, to flour, cotton wool and coffee grounds, a variety of materials are placed on the copying machine. In addition, the exposure is controlled by lid manipulation of the copying machine. In the process, these materials transform into moonlit, snow-covered mountain slopes, huge rock formations, cloudy hilly landscapes or, for example, a reflective and moving water surface with a striking coastal silhouette. I capture these imaginary landscapes with my camera and thus transform them into a possible reality. The A3 black and white photocopies are then destroyed. For my travel trough the world with my copy machine I stay in my studio, and document my journey to unknown areas, to distant countries where physically I could never travel to, but in my imagination I can go wherever I want.

                                   In my Studio 2016

031212berg (238K)

'Panorama' 2014 Baryt, 101/180cm

'summertime' 2015 Baryt, 60/90 cm

'driedout' 2015, Baryt, 40/60cm

'ridge'  2015 Baryt, 40/60cm

'canyon'  2015 Baryt, 40/60cm

'rockydesert'  2015 Baryt, 40/60cm

'twilight'  2015 Baryt, 40/60cm

031211berg (209K)

'riverbed' 2014 Baryt, 40/60cm

031201berg (238K)

'Mountainview' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031202berg (176K)

'Island' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031203berg (229K)

'rainday' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031204berg (217K)

'peak' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031205berg (201K)

'moonlight' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031206berg (209K)

'cliff' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031207berg (201K)

'tramontane' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031208berg (229K)

'snowfield' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031209berg (184K)

'coastline' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031210berg (205K)

'starrynight' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031230berg (176K)

'Icelake' 2016 Baryt, 101/180cm

'Watercave' 2016 Baryt, 40/60cm

'surf' 2016 Baryt, 60/90cm

'Morninghaze' 2016 Baryt, 40/60cm

'Mysticfog' 2016 Baryt, 100/150cm

'Rollingthunder' 2016 Baryt 100/150cm

'Sandscapes' 2016 Baryt 40/60cm

'Stormybeach' 2016 Baryt 100/150cm

'Massif' 2016 Baryt 100/150cm

'Fullmoon' 2016 Baryt 100/150cm

'Gravelpits' 2016 Baryt 120/180cm

'Glacierlake' 2016 Baryt 60/90cm