Dominique Teufen

'Sterne? Kopierter Staub.' 2013-2016
(engl: “Stars? Copied dust”)

_a trip around the World with my copy machine

In my photographic work I use the camera in a non–traditional way and investigate into the possibilities of its mechanism, engage in different processes during production and try to challenge the imageries of photography. Fascinated by fiction, I explore the area where reality and illusion lose their specific definition and new possible realities can be visualized. Within this I am trying to confuse the observers understanding of seeing and nurture question about the dialectics of truth and perception.

In the series “Sterne? Kopierter Staub.” I place various materials such as crumbled-up paper, deformed plastic, foils and acryl-glass, coffee powder, flour, cotton wool (etc.) onto the photocopy machine in my studio. During the process of copying, images of black and white landscapes are produced. Then, to capture my trip around the world, I photograph the sceneries again with my camera. Revering to these fantastic photographs of fare away landscapes seen in books and magazines, this series is documenting my own journey to mysterious spaces, magnificent mountain peaks, foaming seas, enormous rock formations and breath-taking coastal regions where no being could ever go to - besides in his imagination. Physically we stay, but in thoughts we are free to imagine where we are.

Exhibtion: Selection/Auswahl Photoforum Pasquart Biel Dezember 2015
Photographes specifications: Hahnemühle baryt on Aluminium, grey wooden frame, UV protective glass

031212berg (238K)

'Panorama' 2014 Baryt, 101/180cm

'summertime' 2015 Baryt, 60/90 cm

'driedout' 2015, Baryt, 40/60cm

'ridge'  2015 Baryt, 40/60cm

'canyon'  2015 Baryt, 40/60cm

'rockydesert'  2015 Baryt, 40/60cm

'twilight'  2015 Baryt, 40/60cm

031211berg (209K)

'riverbed' 2014 Baryt, 40/60cm

031201berg (238K)

'Mountainview' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031202berg (176K)

'Island' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031203berg (229K)

'rainday' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031204berg (217K)

'peak' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031205berg (201K)

'moonlight' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031206berg (209K)

'cliff' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031207berg (201K)

'tramontane' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031208berg (229K)

'snowfield' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031209berg (184K)

'coastline' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

031210berg (205K)

'starrynight' 2013 Baryt, 40/60cm

'Icelake' 2016 Baryt, 100/150cm

'Watercave' 2016 Baryt, 40/60cm

'surf' 2016 Baryt, 60/90cm

'Morninghaze' 2016 Baryt, 40/60cm

'Mysticfog' 2016 Baryt, 100/150cm

'Rollingthunder' 2016 Baryt 100/150cm

'Sandscapes' 2016 Baryt 40/60cm

'Stormybeach' 2016 Baryt 100/150cm

'Massif' 2016 Baryt 100/150cm

'Fullmoon' 2016 Baryt 100/150cm

'Gravelpits' 2016 Baryt 100/150cm

'Glacierlake' 2016 Baryt 60/90cm